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Meet George and Mildred, two dogs, one big and fearful, the other small and feisty.


Together, they embark on adventures that see them learning and growing to become the hero of their own life’s story.
Meet George and Mildred and the array of friends they meet along the way.

Can George stand up to the bullying of the Meanie Girls, or will he run away and hide as usual, only to be taunted by all the other dogs at the park? READ MORE


Let’s Tango is a story of love and acceptance, embracing who you are, and realizing that you don’t have to be born into a family to feel like you’re part of one. READ MORE


This is a tale of how two friends learn that being cautious is important but being too safe can hold you back from being the hero you’re meant to be. READ MORE

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Linda Erskine never knew she had such lofty goals, but she has since come to realise that all activities pointed to one thing: to impact children and their families around the world. It started with an idea, a story, and then her first book, George and Mildred: The Attack of the Meanie Girls. It has since expanded ten-fold, with the publication of her second in the George and Mildred series, Life’s a Beach, and now with her latest offering, Let’s Tango.


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Powerful expert guidance to draw your story from your heart to the page is the first step to breathing life into your children’s book.

4 Module Author Mentor Program
Children’s Story Development with Author Linda Erskine


Testimonials from George and Mildred fans.

"This couldn't be any more adorable, and such a great message to children. Who doesn't love learning the meaning of friendship and standing up to bullies through dogs! Can't wait for more in the series."
"Absolutely wonderful book! My son is 2 and just starting to really enjoy books. When he saw the dogs in this one and all the adventures they go on he loved it! Especially the dogs vacuuming! Great read - great pictures. Couldn't ask for a better children's book! Will be ordering more for my family for sure. Looking forward to the second book ."
"Another fantastic book from a great author. My kids love love love this book and the beach too. They are excited to see what George and Mildred get up to next. "


Visit here to learn more about George, Mildred and their human, author Linda Erskine. Here, you will learn more about the two dogs that inspired it all and the reasons why Linda writes the stories she does. You will learn about how she travelled from Canada to Scotland and how she stepped out of her old self to embrace new skills and new adventures.


George and Mildred: The Attack of the Meanie Girls was my first book, but it was more than a sweet story that I happened to write.

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Virtual or in-person, George, Mildred and Linda are available to open conversations about issues affecting children – from bullying and letting fear hold you back to embracing what makes you unique. Available by appointment. Email us today to book your spot!

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