Linda Erskine

Linda Erskine never knew she had such lofty goals, but she has since come to realise that all activities pointed to one thing: to impact children and their families around the world. It started with an idea, a story, and then her first book, George and Mildred: The Attack of the Meanie Girls. It has since expanded ten-fold, with the publication of her second in the George and Mildred series, Life’s a Beach, and now with her latest offering, Let’s Tango.

A former newspaper and magazine journalist, Linda loves the written word and telling stories. At first, they were other people’s stories, but her vision soon grew to include her own, and offered children and their caregivers a glimpse of what adventures not taken, and gifts not embraced, could reflect in one’s life.

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Her goal was to inspire children to realise their full potential and lead them to become the heroes of their own life’s story – to embrace their uniqueness, and to know that their essence matters. Her favourite part of her journey is seeing how children embrace the characters, and themselves in the process.

Help Others

An Ontario, Canada native, Linda now resides in West Lothian, Scotland, in a miner’s cottage with her boxer beast Kao, where she writes her own stories, and helps other authors realize their authorship dreams, as Oxygen Publishing’s Director of Children’s Books.

Newest Book

Let’s Tango is the third release in the George and Mildred series, with many more adventures planned as she embraces her imagination. For more information about George, Mildred, and their human Linda, please visit www.lindaerskine.com.

Read A Book, Open a Heart

Book a Reading

Virtual or in-person, George, Mildred and Linda are available to open conversations about issues affecting children – from bullying and letting fear hold you back to embracing what makes you unique. Available by appointment. Email us today to book your spot!

Meet George

George is a real-life boxer and just one part of this dynamic doggie duo who continues to learn and grow into the next version of himself with help from his feisty friend, Mildred the Yorkie.

George’s real name is Kao (pronounced K-O, because he is a boxer!), and he turned 14 on August 23. He lives with his mum Linda in a cottage in West Lothian, Scotland, and goes on daily wood walks and loves nothing better than cuddles, kisses, and wood walks with his mum, his best human friend Lewis and, of course, Mildred.
He sinks like a stone, is afraid of the barking girls next door, and is in awe of Mildred’s fearlessness. He wiggles like no one is watching; he loves unconditionally and loves nothing better than meeting new friends like you!

Meet Mildred

Mildred is just like her Yorkie character in the George and Mildred series. She is fearless (almost to a fault), loves her humans, and loves giving chase to George. They are truly best friends.

Mildred’s real name is Smudge (just like her last name in the books). She lives with Linda’s best friend, and at one time, she and George lived together when George first moved to Scotland. She has legs as skinny as a chicken, but oh so zippy! She barks at the wind and loves her humans, especially her Auntie Linda, so much that it looks like she will take off like a rocket with her whippy tail.
Mildred does not think of what she can’t do – she knows she can do anything. And sometimes, she thinks about safety last when trying something new. She is the first to bark at you but soon smothers you in kisses, teasing you with her toys and running and jumping for joy.

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