George and Mildred: Limitless is a story of dreaming big, of reaching for the stars even when the goal seems impossible. After all, you are LIMITLESS!

Meet George and Mildred, two dogs, one big and fearful, the other small and feisty.


Together, they embark on adventures that see them learning and growing to become the hero of their own life’s story.
Meet George and Mildred and the array of friends they meet along the way.
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George and Mildred: Limitless

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do, tell me that I can!”

Mildred the Yorkie doesn’t usually suffer from a lack of confidence, but when her teacher tells her she will never get to space camp, Mildred wonders if her teacher is right – that she doesn’t have what it takes to realise her dream of becoming an astronaut.

But her best pal, George the Boxer knows Mildred will reach the stars and rallies their friends to step up for Mildred and show her why she should never give up, no matter what obstacle may stand in her way, including those who say she should walk away from her dream.

George and Mildred: Limitless is a story of dreaming big, of reaching for the stars even when the goal seems impossible. It’s a story of how you may lose your sparkle and think your goal is impossible to reach, but sometimes it just takes someone to lend you their belief until you can believe in yourself again.

George and Mildred: Let’s Tango

George and Mildred are excited about the upcoming Christmas Pageant and Talent Show, where Mildred will show off her flying skills as the Angel with a Capital “A.” But George is more excited about making a new friend in Hector, a foster boxer who has just arrived in the community.

Hector is scared, and George knows how fear can sometimes hold you back. So, George learns Spanish, and he and Mildred take up the quest to make a new friend and find out what makes Hector’s heart soar.

What they soon discover is that Hector is not a typical boxer; he loves to Tango dance, but he’s scared to let anyone else see his moves, including his new family. What would they think? Would they send him away because he’s so strange? Or, will Hector embrace this new life, and realise that he is loveable just as he is?

George and Mildred: Let’s Tango is a story of love and acceptance, embracing who you are, and realising that you don’t have to be born into a family to feel like you’re part of one. What’s most important is who you love, who loves you, and learning to love and accept yourself.

George and Mildred: Life’s a Beach

George the Boxer is always scared of something – the town bullies, big noises and water – especially the ocean, where his big head and chest and long dangly legs will sink like a stone. And the beach is exactly where his best pal, Mildred the Yorkie, wants to go.

George thinks that it’s sometimes best not to try than to fail. Mildred knows she will make a huge splash in the ocean on her very first try. Will George sink or swim? Will Mildred conquer the sea and become the world’s greatest swimmer? Or will George’s biggest fear come true?

George and Mildred: Life’s a Beach is a tale of how two friends learn that being cautious is important but being too safe can hold you back from being the hero you’re meant to be.

George and Mildred: The Attack of the Meanie Girls

Can George stand up to the bullying of the Meanie Girls, or will he run away and hide as usual, only to be taunted by all the other dogs at the park?

George the Boxer and Mildred the Yorkie are the unlikeliest of friends. One is big and fearful, the other is small and feisty, but together they can take down the town bullies and embark on new, exciting adventures.

George and Mildred: The Attack of the Meanie Girls is a story of a friendship that blossoms in the face of fear, bites and barks, and gives George the confidence to stand up for himself and realize that danger does not lurk around every corner, thanks to the fierce determination of two new friends who believe in themselves and each other.

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