Testimonials from George and Mildred fans.

"Cute stories with colourful illustrations,
I’ve purchased all 3 books for my grandson.
"I absolutely love the George and Mildred series of books, we are always so excited when they arrive. Looking forward to the next book! "
"We have just received Let’s Tango and love it. This is our third book in the series. I couldn’t be happier with the contents. These will be books for a future grandchild. For now I read them to Harley. Bravo Linda."
"This couldn't be any more adorable, and such a great message to children. Who doesn't love learning the meaning of friendship and standing up to bullies through dogs! Can't wait for more in the series."
"Using animals to introduce confronting situations that may face children is always a useful approach. In this 'bullying situation' and the building of a friendship between contrasting personalities it has certainly succeeded."
"Another fantastic book from a great author. My kids love love love this book and the beach too. They are excited to see what George and Mildred get up to next. "
"I love this children's book. It's a good story about dogs and bullying. I purchased so I can read it to my Grandson. Perfect book! The illustrations are exceptional."
"Absolutely wonderful book! My son is 2 and just starting to really enjoy books. When he saw the dogs in this one and all the adventures they go on he loved it! Especially the dogs vacuuming! Great read - great pictures. Couldn't ask for a better children's book! Will be ordering more for my family for sure. Looking forward to the second book ."
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