As Director of Children’s Books for Oxygen Publishing, Linda will guide you along your road to authorship.

She will work alongside you on everything from crafting your story and creating a storyboard scene-by-scene to linking you with the illustrators and interior book designers who will take you from inception to publication, and beyond. Your book is just the beginning.

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George and Mildred have been making the rounds at schools in the UK, Canada and around the globe, spreading the message of love, friendship and embracing what it feels like to live your best, authentic life.

Now, it’s Linda’s turn.
Linda had to walk the path of self-belief and empowerment before George or even Mildred could. As a result, she can speak on several different subjects – from moving countries to embrace a new life or the steps she had to take to enter the next best version of herself. Topics could include bullying and stepping out of fear, learning what makes a family and realising how to empower yourself; Linda is here and ready to share, to inspire others, just as she grows through hers and others’ stories.

Author Coach

“I’ll believe in you until you can.” When Linda started to consider publishing her first book, she was more than a little lost. Linda didn’t know the how, and more importantly, she did not yet realise the impact it would have on her life and purpose in this world.

Linda began just like you – nervous, scared and apprehensive about putting herself out there – to tell her story. She’s here to say that you have a story, and your story needs to be shared.
You may have it already written, or your mind might still be in the middle of creating it. Wherever you are, Linda is here to help – to get your message out there, your story told, and to lend you her belief until you believe in yourself. It will happen through consistent action. So let Linda be your guide on the road to becoming the next best version of YOU – Your book, your brand, your purpose.

Workshop Facilitator

One-on-one mentorship through Oxygen Publishing’s Pathway to Publishing.
Developing YOUR Scene-by-Scene Storyboard with YOU.
Partnering with the Oxygen team to bring YOUR book to life.

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